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Driving Lessons Malta

We’re promising driving school in Malta, and we’re planning to go big together with you! We aim to have our students out on the roads in the shortest time possible, with maximum of confidence and skill to back it up! If you want to be one of those students, send us a message!

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Driving School Malta

A school with as much promise as its students have. Come join us, let’s enjoy the drive together!

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Automatic Driving Lessons

We focus on manual, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing about automatic transmission. If you want a taste of both, why not try them with us?


We’re school that has managed to help hundreds of students in UK pass their exams and get their licences. With our branch opening in Malta, we want to transfer our skills and knowledge onto new generations of students there, in a friendly but professional environment.

Motoring School in Malta


Thorough learning experience


Involved, experienced instructors.


Friendly atmosphere, perfect for learning


Difficulty of lesson adjusted to student’s progress


Unchanging, wallet-friendly price

Teaching at Driving School Malta is characterized by its’ flexibility. You need more time training change of gears to make it into your habit? You’ll get it. You’re a bit more advanced and want to move right onto learning how to drive in low traffic? Of course, it’s possible. Our number one rule is to fit lesson to the student, not the other way round.

Additionally, our instructors will work on your weak points while highlighting your strong ones. No feeling like everything you do is wrong; it’s a condition for a healthy learning environment, after all.

You need to believe in yourself to believe in your driving!

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  • Flexible learning
  • Professional instructor
  • Safe environment
  • Both theory and practical teaching
  • Easy to grasp explanations
  • Lots of practical training

Automatic Driving Lessons Malta

All we do during our driving lessons in Malta is for the sake of our students.
Automatic transmission vehicles are the future of driving, with 100% of green cars using it as their main system. With higher awareness of the climate issues, the eco replacements for the fossil-fueled cars are growing more and more popular in the world. That’s why, by offering automatic driving lessons, we want to prepare our students for that green change, and let them enjoy it to the fullest, without worry about searching for automatic oriented driving school. If you can learn a skill later, why not learn it now, with us?

Qualified Driving Instructors

For us, „qualified” means that our teachers aren’t only good drivers, they’re amazing teachers as well.

They’re not only qualified based on their knowledge of the topic, but also their ability to pass that knowledge onto you, and help you acquire the skill you wish to gain.

This, however, doesn’t mean they’re uptight men in suits; teachers of motoring school in Malta are normal people, and as such, approach their students with human compassion.

That’s why the atmosphere during the lessons can be kept professional, while being light enough for you, the student, to relax and soak up all the informations your teacher can pass on to you

Our Driving Lessons In Malta Are Different !

We’ve gained experience in the UK, and we aim to implement what we’ve learned there to give you the best driving lessons possible. We won’t sugarcoat, but we also will never bring down your sense of confidence behind the wheel. You’ll learn practical skills with theoretical rules of the road. Most importantly, with Driving lessons Malta you will learn how to drive safely.

What our Students say

I chose Malta Driving School because of a recommendation from a friend. Learning to drive was much easier than I thought. The teaching methods were very good! My instructor was very calm and quick to correct any mistakes I made. I recommend driving lessons at Malta because I learned a lot and the driving atmosphere was very professional and friendly.

The best driving lessons I have had during my stay in Malta. Thank you

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