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You’ve decided you’re doing it. You’re getting your driving licence. But, you’re a bit lost as to where to start with it? Whether you first look for a driving school in Malta, or an instructor, or check the paperwork? Look no more! We’ve prepared a brief overlook of what you need to know and do before you sit behind the wheel on your first driving lessons Malta.

Paperwork: learner’s permit Malta

As of 2020, Malta’s transport and communication law requires all candidates for drivers to apply for the so-called learner’s permit. It’s a paper that the potential driver needs to apply for alone, motoring school cannot do it for him or her.

Detailed information on learner’s permit can be found on the government’s page learner’s permit, here we will just highlight most important points:

– permit is active for three years, so you can apply for it before you even decide on the school that will teach you,

– receiving of permit takes from 5 up to 14 days, so plan to get it before you schedule your first lesson,

– you apply for it online, so you need an eID account,

– you will require doctor’s declaration to submit the form,

The best course of action is to check with your doctor where you can make the required medical examination as soon as you start procedure for getting your eID. That way, you should have doctor’s declaration ready at around the same time you will have your eID activated. With the two main conditions filled, you can apply for learner’s permit in the shortest time possible

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driving lessons malta

Driving is becoming one of the more common skills to possess once you cross the magical barrier of eighteen. It still gives yo an advantage over those not possessing it, though!

Below we want to present few obvious — and some a bit less — reasons as to why having a driving licence is still an asset, and why Driving Schools in Malta are yet to run out of students.

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