Why it’s good to know how to drive

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Driving is becoming one of the more common skills to possess once you cross the magical barrier of eighteen. It still gives yo an advantage over those not possessing it, though!

Below we want to present few obvious — and some a bit less — reasons as to why having a driving licence is still an asset, and why Driving Schools in Malta are yet to run out of students.

A good look on CV

And not only for part-time services like pizza delivery!

Obviously, if you apply for a position requiring driving a vehicle — a postal service, delivery of all kinds, manager, some even require driving skills from their secretaries! — employer will look for a driving licence on your résumé first and foremost. However, even if the position seemingly doesn’t require it, the driving licence on your application form tells the employer a lot about you.

Driving requires responsibility, patience, and attentiveness. It also demands for self-discipline, and passing the exam — definitely a quite stressful event, even if your driving school prepared you really well — required of you an ability to utilize your skills in a stressful situation. The fact that you now possess a licence tells your potential employer that you’ve managed to do it, and as such, might be able to repeat that feat while working for him. Meaning he now looks at a form of a potential employee who’s attentive, patient, self-disciplined, and can work well even under pressure.

Sounds like a good application!

Freedom of movement

All the „on the road” adventure films show that ability to drive gives you an unexplainable feeling of freedom. Once you get released from the hands of your driving instructor in motoring school, you feel like you can get anywhere, see everything, and meet anyone. All because of the new skill.

Aside from the slightly romantic connotation of freedom, driving gives you a more down-to-earth advantage, as well. You become independent of the public communication services, and don’t need to worry about the weather is suitable for a bike ride or a walk to the shop or your workplace. Heck, you can even accept a work offer on the other side of the city you previously couldn’t dream of, in fear of the bus line changing schedules and you fail to get to work on time. As long as you have a car, you’re the master of your own commute.

It still can be eco-friendly!

You worry about climate change, for a good reason, but it doesn’t have to equal resigning from the comfort of driving a car. The growing popularity of electric cars led to their cheapening, there are also cars charged with fuels other than fossil ones. And even if that option is not possible for your budget, a regular car can be made more eco-friendly if used properly.

Tell me, what will produce more fumes — one car with four people in it, or four separate buses for four people? If you go shopping, you can stock up in one trip, successfully reducing both the time spent shopping in a week and the carbon footprint your shopping trips will leave on the environment.

It’s all about usage.

That, and all other assets of possessing a licence, a good driving school, like the Adam Driving School Malta, knows and teaches about.

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